“WATT” Series

This series of paintings consists of a set of variations of a same theme, a ship.  It is about a specific ship which I discovered not long ago.  It is not, in fact, an authentic ship, but a model in miniature, a sort of model of little more than one meter of length that was built by my grandfather almost a century ago.  My grandfather was an engineer and, whether it was due to a desire of experimentation or simply to amuse, he entertained himself creating this ship and baptizing it with the name of an illustrious colleague: Watt.  As there is no need to say the ship, that now rests in my study, carried a motor and sailed.


The junk rooms of the family house also hid, sharing dust with the invention of the grandfather, piles of old documents, papers that years ago had already lost its functional value to acquire another that depends only on the look: an esthetic value.  All that, of course, made you think about the course of time, this ocean through which we sail continuously occupied in our matters.  And I set out to do something pictorial with these materials: the “Watt” would give me ideas as for the form, and the papers, used as a collage, would suggest me harmonies of color.

The technique I use in my series on the “Watt” is a combination of acrylic, collage and pastel on a base of paper, wood or canvas.  Núria Balcells